Mario’s mom wants to drop case

    Mario’s mom has dropped the assault case against her famous son.


    Mario’s mom has dropped the assault case against her famous son.

    The Baltimore Sun reports that Shawntia Howard admitted that she was drunk when she and Mario had an altercation last month. In light of that revelation, she asked the court to drop the case against her son. Prosecutors promptly honored the request, dropping the second-degree assault charges against the singer.

    And, despite the recent animosity, it seems that Mario doesn’t harbor any hard feelings towards his mom.
    "I’m glad to be finally vindicated," he told"I want to thank everyone who believed in me. I will continue to love and support my mother."
    Mario’s lawyer, William Murphy III, said Shawntia did the right thing in court today.

    "It was clear from the beginning that Mario never touched or struck his mother," he said. "She was under the influence of drugs when she gave her statement to police. To her credit, she corrected her statement in court today."
    William added, "Anyone who has waged the battle to save loved ones from the forces of drugs knows the irrational behavior that almost always accompanies their actions."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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