Cirque Du Soleil immortalizes Michael Jackson

    Cirque Du Soleil is celebrating Michael Jackson’s iconic music and style with an upcoming world tour.
    The King of Pop is the inspiration for Cirque’s new show, Immortal, written and directed by Jamie King. Jamie wanted the show to be a spectacular experience for the fans, and that all stemmed from Michael’s music.
    "I really started there," he told MTV News. "It kind of became a snowball, wherein a story was being created for me. I was invited to Neverland [Ranch], and once I got there, I knew this was the environment I wanted to create for this show."
    Cirque Du Soleil always presents fantastic, over-the-top shows–as did Michael–and the performance troupe will do its best to resurrect the pop icon for the stage.
    "Michael will be represented in every way possible," Jamie assured, "and that is from the video elements, holographic-type images and installation pieces to, of course, the choreography and that energy he gave onstage."
    For the Immortal World Tour it seems that Cirque has decided to forgo its tradition of having operatic singers provide the vocals for the show. To Jamie, only voice will do that duty any justice. And the show holds a few extra treats for the audience!
    "Michael’s lead vocal will always be there, because no one could sing it like Michael," said Jamie, "around that and outside of that, I’m going to be playing with remixing and mashing up, as well as give you some surprises and unreleased songs."
    The 90-minute show, which follows several characters into Michael’s world, is set to begin its spectacular voyage in fall 2011.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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