Donald Faison grows up for ‘Skyline’

    Donald Faison, aka Turk from the hospital comedy "Scrubs", is switching things up a bit in his latest film. He’ll play Terry in Skyline, a sci-fi thriller hitting theatres this Friday.
    “I probably will tell maybe one joke in the whole movie,” Donald said of his more serious new role.

    Terry is a special effects artist living in Los Angeles. With much success at his side, Terry enjoys life with his girlfriend in their penthouse apartment that overlooks the whole city.

    Although this is a different kind of role for Donald, he says he welcomes the change. Ever since he was a child, he has dreamed of playing the hero in an action or adventure film. However, his dreams didn’t really materialized until now.

     “I never got the opportunity to do that because somewhere along the line somebody said I was funny,” said Donald, pointing out the fact that he’s actually the least funny of his friends.
    Kind of hard to believe after enjoying him in hilarious comedies like Clueless, "Scrubs", and "Sister, Sister".

    Donald finally decided to chase his dream and auditioned for the role. He said he did horribly the first time, but after a little push from his manager, Donald hit the nail on the head with his second audition.

    Despite all of the successes and experience under his belt, Donald said he used to doubt his skills.

    “I remember there was a long time where I was like, ‘I know I’m getting the jobs, but am I doing a good job once I get them?’" He recalled. "And somebody said to me one day, ‘Well did you ever get fired from a job?’” Sounds like the traits of a perfectionist.
    Don’t expect the same goofy characters he’d been playing this time around, though. Donald says he’s matured in his craft since then and takes his job more seriously.

    He has even dabbled a bit in stop motion animation. You can check out "BlackStormTrooper" on YouTube, a two-minute stop motion animation Donald built with good ol’ LEGOs.

    Away from the set, Donald tends to four children; the eldest is age 13, the baby is 9 and his twins are 12 years old. He’s proud to say that his kids are talented too. Except, instead of catching their father’s acting fever, the Faison kids have some serious vocal skills. All four of them can sing and have rhythm too, he says.
    “I’m sure the trait will rub off on them. If that’s what they want to do, they’re more than willing to do it,” said Donald.
    But, like a good father, Donald says he won’t force them to get into anything.
    “I’m not going to push them towards it though,” he said. Donald wants his kids to be kids for now and make their own decision later.
    Donald wants his fans to decide to go out and enjoy Skyline this weekend, though.



    — Genet Lakew




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