Pilar Sanders quits the team?

    There’s word that Pilar Sanders doesn’t plan to stick around for season two of “Football Wives.”

    According to TMZ.com, the reality TV star said she won’t return to the show next season because she’s tired of being “made to look like the villain.”

    But editing isn’t her only gripe: Pilar doesn’t like her castmates, either!
    Supposedly she told someone, "Would they still call it ‘Football Wives’ if their husbands aren’t playing or aren’t affiliated with the NFL any longer?"
    That might be a direct jab at Chanita Foster, whose husband is a tackle for the UFL. It’s no secret that the two don’t get along,  and you can see that very clearly in the episode of “Football Wives” that we posted below.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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