Michelle gets patriotic on ‘SCD’

    Couple: Michelle Williams and Brendan Cole

    Dance: Paso Doble
    Michelle was astonished that she made it through to another round of competition. From there, frustration was definitely the theme of the week—which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing considering the fact that Michelle had to attack the Paso Doble this week.
    The Paso is an intense dance that requires a lot of pent-up aggression—something Brendan had in ample supply.
    “I’m certainly not the most patient person in the world, but I’m certainly being patient today,” Brendan said through clenched teeth.

    Michelle lost it a couple times during practice too!
    To be honest, though, we really didn’t care for the opening of their routine at all!  It kind of looked like Brendan was just trying to give her something to do while eating up valuable seconds.

    You can really tell when Michelle’s uncomfortable with a dance, and it was very apparent this week that she was out of her element. In our opinion, her and Brendan’s Paso was disjointed in areas, and she didn’t really commit to the attitude of the dance.


    Michelle had to know she wasn’t getting good reviews this week, and she told the judges that she agreed 100 percent with whatever criticisms might be hurled her way.

    “It was the right energy, but you lost it so many times,” judge Bruno Tonioli told Michelle before he commented on her technique. “The arms…all the lines were not flowing all the way through. You lost balance.”

    Judge Len Goodman thought that Michelle started with the right attitude, but that she lost steam as the routine went on. “It went soft. There wasn’t any firmness to it,” he said. “But the first half was good—second half, not so good.”

    Michelle only got 24 points from the judges—certainly not her best marks—but hopefully she’ll stick around for another week. We KNOW she can bring it better than this.



    – Sonya Eskridge



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