‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: November 15

    Kyle Massey pulled ahead of Brandy last night on  “Dancing With the Stars.”


    Couple: Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

    If we didn’t know better we’d think Brandy’s first routine of the night was more interpretive dance than Paso Doble. It seemed like Maks was trying to teach
    Brandy something, and his initial attempts at coaching weren’t working. Could this be a peek into how their practice sessions have gone?

    But just as Maks was about to give up for good, Brandy took control and showed her pro a thing or two. The couple whirled around the floor, and it was an impressive show. However, we’ve seen them turn out much better dances.


    Despite our feelings, the reviews got off to a great start.

    “I gotta say you came out 100 percent,” judge Len Godman said. 

    “You definitely released all the aggression,” judge Bruno Tonioli said, joking that Brandy should look into anger management classes.

    Judge Carrie Ann Inaba agreed, stating, “I’ve never seen you more connected your character than I did this week.”

    At the end of the first round, Brandy scored 27 points. We weren’t all that excited about the routine, but the singer really kicked it up for her second dance of the night—the Argentine Tango!

    We’ve been waiting all season to see Brandy take on the Argentine Tango—it’s one of our favorite dances to watch, and we wanted to see what the singer could do with it. Last night we finally got our wish and Brandy did not disappoint.
    Brandy has really come into her own over the course of the competition, and she commanded the floor with this routine. Her moves were astoundingly fluid, and her attitude throughout the dance was pitch-perfect!

    In short: Brandy killed it!

    It seems the judges agreed with us…. when they were able to form coherent sentences.
    “You moved in and out of those lifts with effortless ease,” judge Len Goodman congratulated. “Your extension and the way you can stretch your back in those lines is fantastic. But the thing I loved the most is that you created an atmosphere.”

    Judge Bruno Tonioli simply described her Argentine Tango as “lush, languid, voluptuous, [and] full of flavor.”

    “That was gorgeous,” judge Carrie Ann Inaba gushed before she, like Bruno, rattle off a list of adjectives. “ Just dynamic, powerful, passionate, beautiful, amazing, ridiculous!”

    With such a loss for words, it’s pretty safe to say that the judges loved Brandy’s routine. Her perfect score of 30 confirmed it.

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