‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: November 16 results

    It was the upset of the season when Brandy was blasted from the ballroom on “Dancing With the Stars” last night.
    We at S2S, much like most of the country, are still reeling from the shock that Brandy lost a spot in the finals to Bristol Palin! Um…seriously, America? WTF!
    When Lil’ Kim was beat to the finals by a cowboy, we were confused. When Mya lost the mirrorball to Donnie Osmond, we were miffed. But now we’re just flabbergasted!

    How is it that someone who has been in the bottom two nearly every week of the competition made it through to the finals?! We get that much of the results are left up to the viewers, but it doesn’t make sense that Bristol has advanced to the finals.

    Although we didn’t have a problem voting (we put in three for Brandy!), we heard that many people couldn’t get through.  Specifically, some Brandy voters got busy signals. Others, on their first call-in vote, were told that their vote hadn’t been counted because they’d reached their limit.

    By most accounts, Brandy was an early contender for the coveted mirrorball trophy. She started off decently and she only improved by leaps and bounds throughout “DWTS” this season. Last night, for example, she murked the Argentine Tango. 

    So we ask again: How do you send home this…


    …over this?

    From the viewers to show’s cast, NO ONE saw this coming!
    It seemed like the judges couldn’t believe Tuesday night’s infamous outcome. Derek Hough, who dances with Jenifer Grey, was left in slack-jawed shock by the results!   Kyle Massey couldn’t do anything but shake his head while his pro, Lacey Schwimmer, just looked around confused. 

    But we may yet see Brandy cut a rug during the finals. Judge Bruno Tonioli asked the singer and her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, to return next week and perform their freestyle.



    – Sonya Eskridge



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