Foxy fights mooning accusations

    Rapper Foxy Brown won’t given in to charges that she showed her behind to her neighbor.
    The New York Daily News reports that Foxy and her lawyer are fighting allegations that the rapper yelled at and mooned her neighbor this summer.
    The pair appeared in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Tuesday for a hearing on the case, spawning from Foxy’s arrest in July. She is accused of shouting obscenities at Arlene Raymond, her next-door neighbor in Prospect Heights.
    Police reports state that Foxy shouted, “Kiss my black a–!” She then, allegedly,  proceeded to pull up her skirt and moon Raymond. Foxy’s camp denies those allegations.
    “She did not moon that woman,” said Salvatore Strazullo, Foxy’s lawyer. “We want this case dismissed.”
    Foxy faced one count of criminal contempt for violating the restraining order Raymond had filed against her. Lucky for her, Foxy was released after posting $5,000 bail.
    This isn’t the pair’s first altercation. After the feisty rapper allegedly beat Raymond with a Blackberry back in 2007, Raymond filed for a restraining order against her.  
    The next trial date has been set for February 7.



    – Genet Lakew




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