Quincy Jones copes with Mijac’s death

    Quincy Jones is recalling his last chat with Michael Jackson just days before the pop icon’s passing.







    There is no easy way to mourn the loss of someone you love, respect and admire.  Such has proven to be the case for music legend, Quincy Jones who revealed details on his last contact with Michael Jackson only days before his passing.
    “Mike wanted to bring his children to meet me when I was in London but I had a dinner that night.,” Quincy told S2S. “I said, ‘Michael let’s meet in Los Angeles,’ and that’s the last time I heard from him.  So of course I want to meet them and they want to reach out too.  Mike said that and they are friends with my daughter, Kidada, so we will all get together.  I will do anything for those kids, anything.” 
    While Quincy plans to meet the children soon, he is still finding it hard to believe that the King of Pop is dead.
    “That’s still surrealistic to me and I can’t believe that my little baby brother is gone,” Quincy said. “I separated it into chemical and spiritual energy and thank God his spiritual energy is all over the place.”
    One of the places where Michael’s energy is present is on Quincy’s new CD, Soul Bossa Nostra, which finds many of Quincy’s classics being covered by artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and more.  

On the album, T-Pain and Robin Thicke cover the Quincy Jones produced Michael Jackson hit “P.Y.T.”  The track received many negative reviews for T-Pain’s use of auto-tune.  Quincy acknowledged the right to such artistic license, but he noted that understanding one’s musical craft is much more significant.
    “If you know your music, the machines work for you; but if you don’t know your music, you work for machines,” he said. “I don’t want to work for the machine.  That’s why I worked hard to learn orchestration and composition and everything before I got involved in pop music.”
    It’s been nearly three decades that Quincy has helped craft some of music’s finest tunes.  So, when asked what still excites him about life, he noted that it’s the simple pleasures of life, giving back and making the most of his every waking moment.  

In addition to music, he is preparing for the release of The Quincy Jones Legacy Series: Q on Producing, which offers industry advice for aspiring producers and artists.  Plus he is promoting arts education within the American school system through the Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium.  It is such projects that keep him going strong.
    “I’m excited about great food, wine, great music, my foundation, giving back to kids, my own children and friends,” Quincy shared. “[Frank] Sinatra said every night, ‘If you live everyday like it’s your last, one day you’ll be alright.’”



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