Paula Abdul sets up AuditionBooth

    Fame and fortune could be one click away thanks to Paula Abdul’s new website.


Fame and fortune could be one click away thanks to Paula Abdul’s new website.
    According to
    The Hollywood Reporter, the former “American Idol” judge has found a new way to help aspiring stars make their mark with The website, set to launch on Monday, is an online casting platform urging people to “Step Inside. Be Discovered.”

    Think of it like Facebook for folks trying to get a little screen-time.

    AuditionBooth aims to give casting directors, producers and managers to scout talent remotely. Users can upload webcam auditions to the site and answer casting questions online.

    From there, casting directors will be able to search various profiles, watch audition tapes and share videos with colleagues. Decision-makers will also be able to leave comments on videos, which could present the potential for users to get some constructive criticism.

    Paula said the site could be a great way to uncover talent, that might not have been seen otherwise. 

    "I’ve spent so much time throughout my career nurturing great talent, some of whom have realized their dreams and some of whom haven’t been as lucky,” Paula told THR. "The fact is though that in some cases the only difference has been opportunity – that is what AuditionBooth is about – the opportunity."

    While AuditionBooth could potentially be used to cast almost any project, it’s expected to be heavily utilized for reality TV series, brand campaigns and other web videos. Telemundo, Reveille and Dot’s, a women’s clothing retailer, are among the site’s early partners. 
    Reportedly, a project titled “MasterChef” will be one of the first projects casting via AuditionBooth.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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