Beyoncé addresses baby rumors

    Beyoncé isn’t letting the rumor mill determine when she’s ready to have kids.







    Beyoncé isn’t letting the rumor mill determine when she’s ready to have kids.
    We’ve lost count of how many times inside sources have said that Bey is expecting a baby. The “Diva” singer’s camp is always quick to shut down the gossip, but last night’s episode of “Nightline” was the first time Bey herself has addressed all the chatter.
    Beyoncé said that while she’s never had a bun in the oven, “there will be one day.” The singer told ABC’s Cynthia McFadden that she’s just not at a point in her life where she can be the kind of mom she wants to be.
    “I feel like there’s certain things I want to do before I have a child so I could really, really focus on being a mother,” the singer explained. “I’m getting closer to that point, but I still am in such a great place in my career that I feel like I want to wait until I am really, really ready.”
    That’s not the only reason that Bey is tired of all the rumors, though. Find out why else all the gossip gets on her nerves in the video below.


    As gentle as the singer may seem in interviews and clips from her  I Am…World Tour DVD, she can certainly handle herself in the boardroom and the studio. 

    “When it comes to my business and my work, I’m very protective,” Bey admitted unapologetically.  “I’ve earned the right to have standards and I don’t bend on them at all.”
    While Beyoncé usually has a good idea of what she wants, she’s got no use for Yes men. She said she’s not afraid of a little resistance because it keeps her on top of her game.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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