Fantasia admits having abortion

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    Fantasia Barrino made a shocking revelation in a North Carolina this week.

  reports that the “Bittersweet” singer took the stand yesterday and confessed to having an abortion. Supposedly, she terminated her pregnancy right around the time she attempted suicide this summer.

    The explosive announcement came during divorce proceedings for Paula and Antwaun Cook. The estranged couple is splitting up as a result of Antwaun’s affair with Fantasia.
    Fantasia and Paula attempted to settle their dispute earlier this month, but nothing was resolved. Negotiations broke down because the singer wouldn’t admit that she knew Antwaun was married while she was dating him.

    While in court, Fannie was asked again whether she knew Antwaun was married and living with his wife at the start of his relationship with Fantasia. The singer said she believed he was separated when they met, but they only dated “off an on for about 11 months.”

    However, Paula’s legal team pointed to Fantasia and Antwaun’s hotel hookup as evidence that singer knew his marital status. “Paula’s lawyer is arguing that they got the room because she knew he was still married,” one courtroom source told RadarOnline.
    That rendezvous could make Paula’s case against Fantasia. There’s word that Paula is still mulling whether to sue Fantasia for alienation of affection. The unique North Carolina law allows people to take legal action against their spouse’s lover.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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    One thought on “Fantasia admits having abortion

    1. I do not condole commiting adultery, but even famous people fall short and they are considered human as well. I just dont understand why havent she decided to use a form of brith control. Any way I’m sure this isn’t her first abortion because it was rumored she was pregnant during the time she was missing half of the Color Purple Shows. Me personally I find it hard to believe she was suffering from throat tumor she should have came with a better lie than that. Anyway thats something she has to live with.

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