Toya Carter promotes her new book, reality show and boutique

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    Toya Carter is shaking the title of Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife and coming into her own as a businesswoman. She recently opened a clothing boutique, Garb, in her hometown of New Orleans. And when "Tiny and Toya" came to an end, Toya broke a deal for a spinoff, "Toya’s Family Affair," that will debut on BET in April.

    Toya admits she’s never held a real job, yet she’s found fortune and fame. Now that she’s gained fans through her BET show, she’s taking her responsibility as a role model seriously.  In her first book, Priceless Inspirations, Toya advises young girls not to follow her exact footsteps. The book is partially a memoir and offers a lot of advice to young women on sex, relationships and motherhood.

    In this video Toya encourages S2S readers to support her new projects.







    – Sabrina M. Parker



    3 thoughts on “Toya Carter promotes her new book, reality show and boutique

    1. Congrats Toya on your new show and your new book. I am a new author as well my book is avail on Coffee in My Cup a Tale of Love and Murder by Ella Monet. Details below


      Tasha has just met the man of her dreams. Tall, muscled, dark, and with a six-pack to die for, Franklin appeared out of nowhere one day at Mojinski’s where she gets her favorite coffee every morning. Eleven years her junior, Franklin’s not the most likely catch for the 51-year-old Tasha. But immediately, the two share an electric connection. And suddenly, a lonely Tasha begins to feel like a young woman again.

      Then, just as things start heating up to boiling between them, something lurking in Franklin’s past begins to rear its head. Now, a dark secret threatens to tear their promising—and red-hot—relationship apart. An ex-lover bent on getting Franklin back has launched a campaign of fear. She’ll stop at nothing to terrorize him into seeing her—and in the process make his life a living hell. But when the would-be seductress turns up dead, all clues lead to Franklin and his ex-wife as the murderers. What really happened the day Geneva Woods turned up dead? How is it related to a simmering feud decades earlier, while all of them were in college? And with more questions than answers, how much uncertainty can Tasha endure—and still find the ability to open her heart?

      A remarkable novel of love conquering all, Coffee in My Cup is smart, sexy, riveting—and will keep you guessing right up to the thrilling finale.

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