Toya Carter promotes her new book, reality show and boutique

    Toya Carter is shaking the title of Lil’ Wayne’s ex-wife and coming into her own as a businesswoman. She recently opened a clothing boutique, Garb, in her hometown of New Orleans. And when "Tiny and Toya" came to an end, Toya broke a deal for a spinoff, "Toya’s Family Affair," that will debut on BET in April.

    Toya admits she’s never held a real job, yet she’s found fortune and fame. Now that she’s gained fans through her BET show, she’s taking her responsibility as a role model seriously.  In her first book, Priceless Inspirations, Toya advises young girls not to follow her exact footsteps. The book is partially a memoir and offers a lot of advice to young women on sex, relationships and motherhood.

    In this video Toya encourages S2S readers to support her new projects.







    – Sabrina M. Parker



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