Joe Jackson re-files against MJ doc

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    Joe Jackson isn’t letting Conrad Murray off the hook easy.







    Joe Jackson isn’t letting Conrad Murray off the hook easy.
    According to, the father of late Michael Jackson re-filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his son’s former doctor. While he’s at it, Joe also included Applied Pharmacy in the suit, a Las Vegas based pharmacy where Conrad practices.
    Back in February, the cardiologist was charged with involuntary manslaughter for his involvement in Michael’s untimely death.
    Court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court state,“Alberto Alvarez told police that before he called 911 defendant Murray instructed him to place the Propofol bottlese in a bag and clean up the room…Alberto Alvarez told police defendant Murray asked him to call 911 only after the room was cleared of the drugs."
    This is the second time Joe has filed a lawsuit against Conrad; the first one was thrown out by a federal judge.



    – Genet Lakew




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