Chalie Boy slims down

    Chalie Boy is ending the year on a lighter note after dropping an incredible amount of weight

    Back in January, Chalie weighed in at 315 pounds. But with his music career taking off, he wanted to get in shape and camera-ready. The problem was he didn’t really know where to start, so he just took the basic steps.

    “It started with just simple walking and cutting out sugars,” Chalie told us. For example, he stopped sucking down Kool-aid and began quenching his thirst with water. Chocolate, one of his favorite foods, was also out.
    “As much as I love chocolate—an apple will never replace that, but it fills you and it’s healthier for you,” Chalie explained. “I don’t mind substituting, but it’s not really a sacrifice anymore.
    Without making a lot of major changes Chalie was making progress with his fitness goals. “Just staying active and staying away from a little of the bad things that I did, it works a long way,” he said. 

    Sometimes it takes professional help to get big results, though. That’s what Chalie’s camp saw the weight loss as a career move and invested in his health because the rapper was already willing to put in the extra work to get fit.
    “The whole idea was we’re already working on the health part, but now we’re going to work on the career part,” Chalie explained. “I wasn’t lazy getting big, and I know it takes work if you want to do something right. I was like, ‘Let’s get it in.’”

    Ideally, Chalie would like to get down to 200 pounds, and he’s well on his way to reaching that goal. As of press time, Chalie had lost about 100 pounds!

    Watch the video for “Deja Blue” below and see how his hard work has paid off.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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