Tichina takes dramatic turn in biopic


    Tichina Arnold is taking her career down a new avenue with her compelling upcoming film.
    Tichina is probably best known for playing tough chicks on some of our favorite sitcoms. From her roles on “Martin” and “Everybody Hates Chris” we know this woman can do funny!

    But now Tichina will play a more vulnerable role in The Lena Baker Story. In the film, Tichina stars as Lena, who was the first Black woman to be executed in the state of Georgia. 

    “It’s a very riveting, moving, emotional piece,” Tichina said. “You definitely will have to bring tissues when you see it.”
    Lena was convicted for the shooting death of a White man in 1944, even though she killed him in self-defense. As you’ll see in the movie, Lena was held captive by her employer, Elliot Arthur, who did unspeakable things to her.
    For Tichina, this was the perfect role to usher her into the world of dramatic acting, something she’s wanted to do for a while.
    “To be part of such a great body of work, I wanted to have that under my belt,” Tichina told S2S. “Comedy is second nature to me, but to do a film that has not one ounce of comedy…was the most challenging thing. It was a welcomed challenge.”

    “I started wanting to drama the more drama got into my life,” the actress added with a laugh, explaining that such demanding roles are actually cathartic for her.
    Tichina never thought she’d get a chance to tell someone’s true story, but with
    The Lena Baker Story behind her, she’s itching for her next dramatic opportunity. Ideally, the actress would jump at the chance to play amazing Black women such as Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughn. 

    While Tichina’s waiting on those roles, you can watch her in
    The Lena Baker Story when it’s released on DVD on January 4.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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