Kandi Burruss aims to fly above the drama

    Kandi Burruss has struck a balance between old school style and new school swag on her upcoming album Kandi Koated.







    Kandi Burruss has struck a balance between old school style and new school swag on her upcoming album Kandi Koated.

    Sometimes you find yourself caught in the middle—between what you really want to do and pressures to conform.  Singer-songwriter, Kandi Burruss told S2S at her New York Kandi Koated listening session that during the recording process for the album, she found herself caught between wanting to please her label and staying true to her own creative vision.
    “The label wanted me to do this AC [adult contemporary] record,” Kandi said. “I know I’m in my dirty 30s, but my thing is I still feel just as strong about hip-hop.  I feel like I’m in a weird position ’cause I wanted to please the label, but at the same time I want to please myself.”
    On songs such as the Ne-Yo written and produced second single, “Me & U,” which samples Outkast’s “Elevators,” and on “I’m Happy,” Kandi found the perfect balance between old school and new.  Yet, it was the very non-AC “Lucky” that created the most buzz during the session.  On the track, Kandi plays the role of the other woman gloating about having sex with a taken man.

    The song may sound familiar to some because it leaked earlier this year, but it was performed by Fantasia Barrino. The demo had many believing that Fannie was singing about her alleged affair with Antwaun Cook.  Kandi, who actually co-wrote the song with a production team, let everyone know the truth behind the record.
    “We had the song, she [Fantasia] recorded it and also Mya recorded it too,” Kandi clarified. “For whatever reason with her [Fantasia] relationship situation somebody leaked it and tried to make it seem like she wrote that song about that experience.  But that song was written before she even met that guy.”
    Kandi isn’t afraid of the song reflecting negatively upon her even after Usher’s ex, Tameka Raymond accused her of being promiscuous on Twitter.  The bitter tweet came after Kandi stated on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” that if she had a celebrity “crush,” it would be Usher.
    “Sometimes people do take lyrics to songs very seriously,” Kandi explained. “I have not knowingly dated a dude in a relationship since I was 21.  Any guy who is dating me and ever dated someone else—he was lying to me when we got together and I cut his a** off.  So he was cheating, not me.”
    Kandi, who has recovered from being on vocal rest, doesn’t have time for rumors as she is focused on a slew of projects. That includes heading back on tour with Fantasia, a series of performances with Tank, and executive producing some top-secret television shows. 
    With so much in the works, Kandi is flying high above the drama and staying true to her creative ambition.



    – Souleo




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