Mike Epps gets in birthday party brawl

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    Mike Epps was willing to throw down for a private moment with his wife on her birthday.

    TMZ.com reports that the Mike punched a paparazzo that was supposedly harassing him last weekend. The fight broke out on November 27 at the Key Club in Detroit, where Mike’s wife was celebrating her birthday.
    According to TMZ, what really set Mike off was that the photographer was snapping pics inside the restaurant.

    "It was a private celebration for my wife’s birthday,” Mike told TMZ. “I asked the photographer numerous times not to film, but he refused to let up. I then attempted to retrieve the tape from the camera."
    After the quick scuffle the unidentified paparazzo was removed from the restaurant.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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    2 thoughts on “Mike Epps gets in birthday party brawl

    1. Kudos 2 Mike for handling the situation; he did ask for that beating when Mike told him not to take pics, that it was aprivate party! Maybe next time he’ll think before he starts snapping pics. Celebs have lives outside of Hollywood; they need 2 realize that!

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