Brandon Smith keeps cool on ‘Skating With the Stars’

    Brandon Smith took a break from the ice to chat with Sister 2 Sister about life, love and uncomfortable costumes on “Skating With the Stars.”







    Brandon Smith took a break from skating on the ice to chat with Sister 2 Sister. The 21-year-old Disney actor and singer is part of the inagural cast of “Skating With the Stars,” which premiered on ABC on November 22.
    Even before he got on the show, Brandon said he knew his way around a skating rink. Roller-skating that is.
    “It’s been a family tradition. My grandma skates, my uncle skates, grandpa gets down, grandma gets down,” Brandon said. “Everybody rocks and rolls on the skates.”
    Even though he’s been an avid skater since age seven, Brandon said the ice is unforgiving.
    “I injured my groin the first day. We were doing a move called the lunge, pulled a muscle. Haven’t been the same ever since,” he said. Poor guy! And that wasn’t his last injury, either. But that’s part of the risk and excitement of doing the show, Brandon said.
    When he’s not slipping on the ice, Brandon loves hanging out with his buddy Vince Neil, lead singer of rock band Mötley Crüe. He said he sees Vince as his “cool uncle,” with whom he shares a passion for cars.
    “He’s going to let me borrow his Lamborghini for a weekend, so I’m excited about that,” Brandon joked. Unfortunately, his sidekick was voted off on last night’s episode.
    As for his other co-stars, Brandon said he might even be making a guest appearance on the next season of Bethenny Frankel’s show.
    Although you won’t find the bright and bedazzled costumes he and his co-stars wear “SWTS” in his closet, Brandon said the designers do a great job of putting together clothes that fit the format of the show.
    “Listen, I try not to think about the tight pants but when my legs are losing their circulation, I can do nothing but think about the ultra tight pants,” he joked.
    Tightness aside, Brandon said he never gets embarrassed or nervous about his get-up and understands that’s part of being an ice skater. “I’m just going to go with it and keep my head up and hopefully the tight pants won’t split,” he stated. 

    With such a busy schedule, he doesn’t have much time for dating. But Brandon promises he’s someday going to marry Jasmine Tookes, his model girlfriend of over a year (that’s her on the right). They met at on the red carpet a Teen Vogue party and Brandon said it was love at first sight.
    About a month ago, the pair decided to take a break. They weren’t giving each other the time and attention they both deserved, with her living in New York and him in Los Angeles.
    “I’ve got a concept that we’ve got a 100 years to get this right,” said Brandon.
    People seem to think taking a break in a relationship is taboo and means a lot of other things. But, according to Brandon, “It only means exactly what it is, which is to take a break. You know, refresh today for a better tomorrow.”
    Whatever their status, we’re sure Jasmine is cheering him on this season on “SWTS.” You can catch “Skating With the Stars” Mondays at 9 p.m. EST/ 8 p.m. CST on ABC.



    – Genet Lakew




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