Steve Harvey delivers ‘Straight Talk’


    Steve Harvey is back to answer more questions with his new book, Straight Talk, No Chaser.

    It seems that the comedian-turned-love guru had more to reveal about men and relationships after Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.  In his new book, out today, Steve gives women the inside scoop on how to get their men to give them more of what they want in a relationship.
    For example, if you’re tired of having to drag the truth out of your man, Steve outlines a way to ask questions that will give him no choice but to come clean.

    The author also provides a breakdown of what men look for in a woman at different stages in his life. After all, what a man looks for in his 20s may not be what he wants in his 40s.
    While he’s at it, Steve is also giving some advice on how to stop nagging your sweetie and start creating a more peaceful home. Of course he answers a bunch more of your burning questions, but to see what he has to say, you need to pick up a copy of the book at your nearest book store or an online retailer. It only costs about $13.50, depending on where you buy it.
    Steve announced his new release today on “Good Morning America.” While he’s in New York, the comedian will also kick off a book tour for Straight Talk, No Chaser.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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