Keri Hilson won’t date rappers

    Keri Hilson said she’s looking for a man outside of the studio because she’s too smart to date industry insiders.

    During her visit to “Chelsea Lately,” Keri revealed that she has something in common with Kim Kardashian because every child in Keri’s family has a name that begins with ‘K.’
    After yesterday’s revelation that Kim won’t date NFL players anymore, Keri has something else in common with the reality star. Much like Kim, Keri has stated that there is one group of men she won’t include in her dating pool: rappers.
    “When you mix a man, who has popularity, who has money, who has b!tches—that’s a scary thing for me,” Keri explained to Chelsea.
    The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer insists that her preference doesn’t have anything to do with her insecurities, though. She just doesn’t think she’s make a good match for most rappers she’s come across.
    “It’s just not the type of man I want,” Keri elaborated, “and I think I’m not the type of girl they want. I have a brain, I’m a little more than they bargained for.”
    So what kind of man would Keri want? Find out when you watch the rest of her clip from “Chelsea Lately” below.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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