Keith Washington calls Aretha Franklin

    Detroit DJ Keith Washington decided to let the public listen in on a personal call he made to Aretha Franklin.
    When Keith found out that his good friend Aretha is suffering from pancreatic cancer, the first thing he did was call her up to see how she was doing–nevermind the fact that he was on air at WDMK 105.9 Kiss FM when he did it.
    "Is there any possible way that I could, at your discretion, just get a brief interview with you because all of your fans have just been calling the station, so concerned," Keith asked in a video of the call posted online on December 8.

    Aretha tiredly replied, “When I feel better, Keith.”

    Like any concerned friend would, Keith asked, “But, you are okay?” Aretha couldn’t give him a direct answer because she’s waiting for confirmation on her condition from doctors.

    Keith continued to broadcast his deep concern after Aretha promptly, yet politely, ended the conversation.

    A source from Aretha’s camp told that although she and Keith are acquaintances, “Aretha didn’t know she was getting taped.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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