Sherri Shepherd hits on Prince


    Sherri Shepherd had a frisky fan moment when Prince dropped by “The View.”

    When Prince sauntered his way onto the set Thursday for a surprise visit, Sherri couldn’t contain herself. He was there to visit his homegirl Whoopi Goldberg and promote his upcoming concert series at Madison Square Garden.

    “These are strange hours for rock star,” Prince joked after handing the ladies of “The View” a bunch of tickets to his show.
    We’ve never seen Sherri as flustered as she was when Prince plopped down beside her. The woman was nearly speechless before she blurted out, “You don’t understand, Prince, I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life!”

    See how Prince responded to that lovely little revelation when you watch the clip below. 


    This is not the first time that Sherri has been so open about her attraction to a man.  Check out what she said to Nate Berkus in this clip!




    – Sonya Eskridge




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