Harpo has offensive dolls pulled from shelves

    An Australian doll shop had to change its inventory before Oprah arrived at its doors.


    An Australian doll shop had to change its inventory before Oprah arrived at its doors.

    Herald Sun reports that Harpo Productions, Inc. requested that the Dafel Dolls and Bear Shop pull the “Mamee” goliwog dolls from its shelves, fearing the toy might offend Oprah Winfrey.  The request came before 110 of O’s guests attended a cocktail party at the shop on Friday.

    Americans are offended by the washerwoman goliwog, a blackface doll dressed in maid costume and headscarf, because of its link to slavery and racism.

    It was reported that Dafel shop owners had to sign a gag order about the request, but a source revealed, "Oprah’s people came … and yes it was discussed."

    While the “Mamee” doll was pulled from the sales floor, other goliwogs were still on display at the shop in Melbourne, Australia. The toys each had a note explaining the history of the dolls in an attempt to avoid any further confusion or controversy.

    This comes just over a year after Harry Connick Jr. expressed outrage over a minstrel sketch on the Australian show, “Hey Hey It’s Saturday.”

    The cocktail party was part of the activities planned for guests of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” who were invited to Australia with the media maven. Oprah gave out the free trip on the show at the beginning of the season.

    It’s still not clear whether Oprah attended the shindig, but she has been living it up with her ultimate fans on their trip Down Under. According to the
    AFP, Oprah and the gang have already visited Uluru and walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

    Tomorrow, O is slated to tape episodes of “Oprah” at the Sydney Opera House.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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