Michael Steele running for RNC head again

    Michael Steele is once again running for the highest post in his party.







    Michael Steele is once again running for the highest post in his party.

    Despite calls for his resignation as head of the Republican National Committee, Michael announced yesterday that he plans to run for the position again.
    “I am running again because we have a great team here at the RNC, “ Michael told
    TheGrio.com, noting that his direction took the Republican party from a congressional minority to the ruling party in the House of Representatives. “I am going to run again is because I believe passionately in the opportunities that lay ahead of us as a country.”

    “I am very confident in and comfortable with the vote count we have right now,” Michael said. "I feel good about where we are and where we will be next month.”

    GOP heavyweights, such as Karl Rove, have pulled their support from Michael’s administration, and they have urged their various constituents to do the same. The Black Republican leader sees it as a unique challenge to his tenure.

    “There was an active effort from the day I became chairman to steer dollars away from the RNC. Supposedly this was out of concern,” Michael said. “But if these individuals were concerned why didn’t they call me, or offer to help? And when I called them, why didn’t they step up? This has never happened before to an RNC chairman.”

    Lack of support for Michael leadership has also came from within his own administration.
    ABC News reports that just last month RNC Political Director Gentry Collins resigned his post. As a parting shot he penned a harsh critique of Michael’s leadership, writing, “if left on its current path, the RNC will not be a productive force in the 2012 campaign to deny President Obama a second term, retain our House majority and elect a Senate majority.”

    During his stop by “On The Record W/ Greta Van Susteren” last night, Michael disagreed with Gentry’s predictions, stating that the party is just beginning to build up momentum to take back the White House in 2012.
    “I think right now, we have a chance to move forward in a very aggressive way to take on the Obama administration and his agenda, and that’s what we’re going to do,” Michael said.
    Still, it’s interesting to note that while he’s publically opposed President Barack Obama’s approach to leading the country, Michael echoed the president’s campaign sentiments to explain why he should remain RNC Chairman.

    "My style is a little bit different than most conventional Republican party chairmen. My style is more grassroots oriented, I’m much more of a street guy,” he told Greta. "I love hanging out in boardrooms, but I prefer to be in the neighborhoods and communities.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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