Mariah Carey’s having twins!


    Nick Cannon has revealed that he and his wife are expecting two little bundles of joy.
    “We are having twins,” Nick confirmed this morning during his radio show. Rumors that Mariah would be popping out two babies have been circulating since she told NBC about her mommy-to-be status on October 28.

    "Everyone started questioning about more things: ‘Do you know what it’s going to be?’ ‘Is it a boy?’ ‘Is it a girl?’ Are you having twins?’” Nick recalled, noting the public’s fascination with the possibility that Mariah could be carrying twins. “And then that [last question] just took off and went really, really far and that was the question that I felt like I almost couldn’t avoid.”

    Since October, the couple hasn’t really dished up any more details on Mariah’s pregnancy, per her doctor’s recommendation. Since she has had a miscarriage before, physicians thought it would be best for her to hold off on any more announcements until she was further along.

    But now that they’ve waited a little longer, Nick felt it was time to answer everyone’s question about the kids—especially since Mariah spilled the beans to the first couple during shooting for TNT’s “Christmas in Washington.”

    “It’s not about making announcements or talking to the press,” Nick said. “[But] because of the excitement, because of the emotion, she was overwhelmed, and she shared with the President and the First Lady that we are having twins."

    Fans will be glad to know that Mariah had a successful ultrasound on Wednesday, and Nick said, “Both babies are healthy and in tip-top shape.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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