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    Disney has given nerds everywhere the best Christmas gift ever with the release of Tron Legacy.







    Disney has given nerds everywhere the best Christmas gift ever with the release of Tron Legacy.

    Sci-Fi film fanatics have been waiting with baited breath (some longer than others) for Tron Legacy to hit theaters. It’s a follow-up 28 years in the making, and the crew behind this larger-than-life project used the time wisely. While Disney could have relied on flashy tricks, like light-up clothing and green screen sets, to impress viewers, the studio used them to add to the already solid story. 

    As Tron Legacy opens, Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges), the head of Encom, is tucking his young son Sam into bed before heading to work. Disney was kind enough to package a summary of Tron into the opening scene as a bedtime story. When Kevin finishes his fairytale, he rides off to work never to be seen in the real world again—leaving behind an orphaned son to be raised by his grandparents.

    When Tron Legacy picks up in 2010, the present hardly finds Sam (Garrett Hedlund) living the life of a techno-geek trust-fund baby. His humble, surroundings mirror his lack of motivation to take his rightful place as the head of Encom to carry on his father’s work. But there is one of his father’s principles that Sam risks life and limb to uphold: the idea that information should be free. 

    Fate, and a suspiciously placed beeper call (apparently those things still work…who knew?!), brings Sam to Flynn’s arcade one night. After snooping around a dusty abandoned office, he’s sucked into the system—just like his dad! Once inside the grid, he finds a rather a sleek, yet inhospitable world—courtesy of a poorly defined program named Clu. To find out how Sam survives, you’l have to go see Tron Legacy—we refuse to spoil this awesome movie for you!

    We will say that Disney did an amazing job transitioning between the film’s 2D and 3D scenes. The studio used the filming trick to its greatest potential without being gratuitous about it by simply adding depth to most of the scenes inside the grid. By doing this, Disney was able to almost completely submerge viewers into the movie, adding to the feeling of virtual reality.

    With DaftPunk providing a pitch perfect score to the film, and a cameo from Yaya DaCosta, we can’t imagine how Tron Legacy could have been any better.

    Grade: A+



    — Sonya Eskridge




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