Sherri Shepherd getting engaged?

    Sherri Shepherd wants her man to put a ring on it this Christmas!
    The National Enquirer reports that Sherri wants her boo Lamar “Sal” Sally, a writer-teacher from Los Angeles, to propose.
    "Sherri has been wanting Sal to ask her to marry him since the two hit it off earlier this year and attended some awards shows on the west coast," an insider told the Inquirer.

    Sherri’s been looking for a good man since she moved to New York to co-host “The View.” Lucky for the comedian, she’s got girlfriends that are always looking out for her. Sherri and Sal began dating shortly after Niecy Nash introduced them this summer.
    The source said, "Niecy saw two great single people who seemed perfect for each other, and couldn’t help but play matchmaker for Sherri and Sal.”

    The couple is celebrating the holidays at Sherri’s Harlem brownstone, but will Sherri get what she wants on Christmas?

    "She’ll just have to wait to see what’s under the Christmas tree," Sal told HGTV after revealing that Sherri’s been very clear about her desire to get hitched.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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