Adrian Holmes kick starts 2011 with Halle Berry


    Actor Adrian Holmes is breaking into Hollywood in a way that every young aspiring actor can only dream about: Co-starring alongside Oscar Award-winning actress Halle Berry in Frankie & Alice.
    “I’m coming into 2011 with guns blazing, the cannon is about to pop, baby,” Adrian told S2S.
    Frankie & Alice is about a young woman named Frankie, played b
    y actress Halle, who is struggling with multiple personality disorder. She is torn between who she is and a racist alter-personality that preys on her mind.
    “It was so hard to sit there everyday and watch such a beautiful woman like Halle go back and forth between the different characters,” said Adrian. “What I loved most about her is she is confident and fearless, she attacked every scene with such passion and commitment.”
    Adrian has the honor of playing Clifton, a DJ at a local club who manages to catch Frankie’s eye.

    “Before we began the shoot in 2008, my character went through a few changes. He originally started out as a regular customer coming into the club where [Frankie] works and drank a lot and flirted with her a little, but the character changed as we started shooting. So in the final cut of the film there is more of relationship between the two,” explained Adrian. 

    Adrian’s character is actually a married man with kids, but as he gets closer to Frankie, they end up hooking up and going back to her apartment, and that’s where he is introduced to Alice.
     “Things between them get really crazy,” Adrian explains. “Frankie’s life gets out of control and it’s actually something that happens [between] Clifton and Frankie that starts a chain reaction of other events and a lot of pivotal moments in her life.”

    Before Adrian gave away more plot secrets, he had to shut up. What a tease!
    This film is just the first release for Adrian next year. His next role is as Captain in the film Red Riding Hood, starring alongside Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman. Frankie & Alice opens in select theaters on February 4, 2011.




    – Marcus Williams




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