Blizzard freezes East Coast 

    Several states are at a standstill as a blizzard pounds the East Coast.







    At least six states are at a standstill as a blizzard pounds the East Coast.

    Several states all along the eastern seaboard have been buried up to two-and-a-half feet of snow on average.  According to ABC News, a state of emergency has been declared in six states, including New Jersey where the snowfall was measured at 30 inches.

    Massachusetts has gotten about 16 inches of snow, and more than 60,000 people across the state have been left without power. Meanwhile, residents along the coastline have also been flooded with two to three of water. 

    Travelers eager to get home after spending the holidays with friends and family have found themselves in a holding pattern at airports all over New York. About 1,400 flights at the states three biggest airports have cancelled.

    The blizzard has also frozen train service in its tracks as Amtrak has been suspended between Maine and New York. Even riding the rails in New York City has become a treacherous. Reportedly, dozens of commuters have been trapped on the A Train, which runs to Harlem, since early this morning despite the fact that the nearest above-ground platform is in sight.

    Passengers told ABC this morning that they had been stuck on the train for more than six and half hours without heat. “We can’t move. We’re stuck here, and it’s cold,” said straphanger John Hammelton, who added that the Metro Transit Authority had not sent a rescue train of press time. “The transit authority is not giving us any definitive answers.”

    Snow has also stranded drivers on the road. Video from ABC shows vehicles nearly buried up to their windows.




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