Diddy to fix model’s mane 

    Diddy has promised to fix a model’s weave which caught fire at one of his parties.

    TMZ.com reports that Diddy pledged to pay the full bill to fix model Miyoki Jones’ hair no matter how much it costs.

    Miyoki’s mane went up in flames during the release party for Dirty Money Crew’s Last Train To Paris when she got a little to close to one of the candles lining the bathtub in which she was sitting.

    Like any smooth mogul would, Diddy called to check up on Miyoki after the incident, which was seen by millions of people, courtesy of Ustream. During the chat he offered to pay to get her hair fixed as a mea culpa.

    Reportedly, Miyoki has a hair appointment set up for later this week, and the salon session will likely cost Diddy around $1,000.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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