Fantasia still dating married man

    Fantasia is finishing up her Back To Me Tour with her man Antwaun Cook in tow.
    After this season of “Fantasia For Real,” many thought Fannie had stopped messing with Antwaun, who is going through a very messy divorce.  When Fantasia hooked up with him, he said that he was separated, but his wife Paula Cook contests that he was still living at home with her.

    As far as most people knew, the only contact Fantasia has had with Antwaun in recent months was when she testified to aborting his baby during the Cooks’ divorce proceedings.

    Well, Fannie had us all fooled!

    According to, Antwaun was spotted backstage at Fantasia’s recent show in Cleveland. He was trying to be slick by sticking to the shadows, but one fan managed to snap a picture of him.

    Sneak a peek at the pic in the video below.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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