Lauryn Hill keeps fans waiting


    Lauryn Hill had fans on hold for four hours at her recent show in Brooklyn.

    Lauryn loyals couldn’t get to the box office fast enough when they heard that the former Fugees singer was kicking off a winter tour last week. Despite streets packed with snow from a brutal year-end blizzard, fans were ready when doors opened at 8 p.m. for her show at Brooklyn’s High Line Ballroom on December 28. 

    When they got inside music lovers were ready for a good show and the band was cued to help herald Lauryn’s return. The New York Times reports, however, that she didn’t show up until about midnight.

    In the four hours that audience members were left waiting, two fans in the front row crafted signs stating, “You Just Lost One” and “This Is Insulting.”  When Lauryn arrived, she was on the defensive, chastising devotees displeased by her lateness.

    “We do the best we can with what we have. All those who are unhappy, you know you’re always free to go back and ask for a refund,” she said to the crowd. “All of my people who are with me, you stay and you get what you get.”

Before launching into a smoky rendition of Bob Marley’s “Forever Loving Jah,” Lauryn offered up her apology. “I apologize for being late, but there’s a lot that goes on into getting this out to you. It’s not easy.”

    Lauryn’s keyboardist, on the other hand, had no problem making it to the venue for the advertised show time. He even attached an “I was on time” sign to his setup, but Lauryn didn’t let him off the hook.  

    “You trying to escape the bottles and the cups,” she said, while snatching the sign off of the keyboard. “Next time you take it, you take it like a man. We in this together, brother.”

    Find out what other choice word’s Lauryn had for her fans when you watch the video below.





    – Sonya Eskridge




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