Vincent Gray takes office in D.C.



    Vincent Gray has officially taken office as the new mayor of Washington, D.C., and city celebs can’t wait for him to get to work.

    S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown hosted Mayor Gray’s inaugural bash at the Washington Convention Center Sunday night after he was sworn in. The new mayor was surrounded by his family as he took the oath of office and delivered a brief address.

    “Today, we begin a new chapter in the history of our city, one defined by a sense of common purpose, shared sacrifice and communities united,” the mayor told the crowd before the festivities. “A chapter written not by a single author, but with the pens of 600,000 residents from all eight wards and all walks of life, committed to a vision of one city, our city.”

    WPGC radio personality Big Tigger helped Jamie keep the party going as her co-host, and he was thrilled to celebrate the new administration taking office.
    “It’s always exciting to see change about to happen, seeing one regime change to another regime,” Tigger told S2S. “Any time anybody takes office, I think everybody is very hopeful that what we voted for happens [and that] the beliefs and issues that we voted on are dealt with.”

    Among the items on Mayor Gray’s agenda are achieving statehood for Washington D.C. and quickly fixing a $480 million gap in the city’s budget. He announced that doing that could mean increased taxes for D.C. residents, but it’s a move that Gray insists must be made if the city’s finances are to improve.

    “Now is the time for all District residents to make the sacrifices needed to weather the storm we face, and to ask not what your city can do for you, but what you can do for your city,” he said during his inaugural speech, calling upon the memory of President John F. Kennedy.
    Crooner Raheem DeVaughn, who performed a set at the inaugural party, told S2S that he supports the new mayor’s agenda and that he’s not sorry to see Adrian Fenty leave office. “It’s definitely time for change in the city of Washington,” Raheem said. “Fenty’s [administration] has run its course. It’s Vincent Gray’s time.” 

    The singer has gotten a firsthand look at Gray in action, so Raheem’s got a decent idea of how the new mayor will operate in office.

    “I’ve worked closely with Vincent and his son on a number of things—just in the past couple of weeks—that have been positive for the kids,” said Raheem. “He came in immediately and started giving back.” 

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    – Sonya Eskridge
    with reporting by Tracy L. Scott






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