Sneak Peek: First two episodes of BET’s ‘The Game’

    A sneak peek of the season premiere of BET’s “The Game,” returning to TV January 11, confirmed what most fans had hoped for: The show is still funny, dramatic, relevant and addictive!
    As crowds gathered in different cities this week to preview the hour-long premiere, gasps, laughs and screams were heard. There were even some tears as Wendy Raquel Robinson (aka Tasha Mack) spoke about what the show’s return meant to her.
    “When we were cancelled by CW, there were rumors of BET [picking up the series], but no one knew of what extent or if it could be done. The rumor kept coming back. When you hear Fall 2010 in 2008, it sounded so extreme,” said Wendy, who admitted she feared that fans would lose sight of the show.
    “It was a question of faith, a question of patience and it was a question of the integrity of the show,” she said.
    If you’re a fan of "The Game", then you already know that the primary cast members are back, and you’ve likely heard that Terrence J of “106 & Park” will be a new face. But here are some little bits of information that you might not have heard about what’s to come.

    •    Melanie’s not adjusting too well to married life as a stepmother.
    •    Tasha plays Cougar to a younger man, and her old insecurities rear their ugly head in the new relationship.
    •    Jason turns the tables on Kelly during a taping of her reality show, after she went on his talk show appearance to embarrass him. Even though she’s preaching empowerment and getting back at him by spending his money on clothes and implants, she still seems to love him.
    •    Malik’s new love interest is played by Meagan Good. She’s also the new owner’s wife!
    •    Tee Tee and Malik’s friendship is tested.
    •    Jason has a new piece of chocolate eye candy on his arm.

    •    Tasha plants the seed for Melanie’s suspicions about DJ’s paternity by making jokes about his hair texture.
    •    Janay and Melanie are still in competition with each other. (Janay goes out and buys a purse because Melanie had it in her Essence photo shoot, telling Derwin that it looks better on her.)
    •    Derwin tells DJ to beware of women, implying that Melanie wants to get in the way of what they have together.
    •    Sheree from Bravo’s "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" makes an appearance.
    •    Tasha calls Melanie out for her scheming and implies that she plotted to keep Derwin not for love but for a chance to be a football wife.

    Terrence J, who plays Tasha’s new play thing, said having his first acting role be one on such a popular TV show is a dream, and working with a great cast didn’t hurt.
    “It was not one cast member who had ego or a chip on his shoulder. It was nothing but a big house party. It was a lot of fun,” he said.




    -Tracy L. Scott



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