Tiny gets touchy with T.I.


    T.I. is in deeper trouble than ever after Tiny got frisky with him during a recent visit.
    TMZ.com reports that Tiny and Tip were in a room during regular visiting hours at Arkansas State Prison when she put her hand down his pants. 

    Tiny’s mom, Dianne Cottle-Pope, told S2S that T.I. is no longer allowed to see his wife. Tiny hasn’t spoken to her man since the incident, and she hopes to regain visitation rights soon. 

    Tiny told TMZ that her hubby was immediately chastised and shipped off to a special housing unit, where he’ll be under tighter security and have even less freedom than before.
    Prison rules state that couples can kiss and hug at the beginning and end of visits, and they’re also allowed to hold hands. While in the visiting room, prisoners’ hands must remain in plain view at all times, though.
    The couple must have gotten desperate. We’re told that Tiny and T.I. didn’t have the option of having conjugal visits because they don’t exist at his prison. "Tip told her that’s just a bunch of stuff they have in the movies," Dianne said.

    How’s Tiny handling all of this embarrassing news? From what Dianne told S2S, Tiny’s going on about her business as she normally would on any other day.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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