Sherri Shepherd shows off ring


    Sherri Shepherd flaunted the rock her fiancé used to ask for her hand in marriage.

    On Monday’s episode of “The View,” Sherri flashed the two-carat diamond ring that her man, TV writer Lamar Sally, gave her over the holidays. She graciously shared exactly how Sal popped the question.

    “Over Christmas he had a present for Jeffery…and he said to Jeffery, ‘Can I marry your mom?’” Sherri said, noting that her son gave a rushed and uninterested reply so he could start playing with his new toy. Satisfied that he’d gotten sufficient permission, Sherri said Sal then “got on one knee and he said, ‘Mrs. Shepherd, would you be my wife?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’”
    But, the big question, for Barbara Walters, was whether Sherri would take her hubby-to-be’s last name. The answer was yes and no: She’ll work under her current name, but she’ll change it for nearly everything else.
    "I’m going to be Sherri Shepherd because I worked really hard to make it. I don’t think people would know me as Sherri Sally," Sherri explained. "But my credit cards will say Sherri Sally."


    We can understand why the answer to that was complicated for Sherri, but we wanted to know what you thought. We asked Sister 2 Sisters fans on Facebook and Twitter if they plan to change their names when they jump the broom. Most of you answered with a resounding, "I do!"

    Jasmine Pettaway said, “I am recently engaged and fully intend on taking my husband’s name.” And Jerrido Alston believes “that’s the right thing to do. That’s a part of getting married.”

    Several others agreed with her on that, and LaShaun Cadney in particular argued that it just makes sense. “Yes, I’ll change my name. Took his hand, I’ll take his name,” she explained. “If we have kids, they wouldn’t wonder why mommy has a name different than theirs.”

    “It’s the traditional thing to do whether a normal person or celebrity,” Brandy Williams added. “We need to get back to doing things [the way] our grandparent and great grandparents did things!!!”
    Meanwhile, others of you don’t see the need to completely get rid of your names.
    “I’m damn near 40 & I’m not/never been married,” said Raquel M. Wallen. “If I ever got married, at this point in my life, I would hyphenate. I feel too old to give up my name now.”
    Angela Mitchell disagreed with that line of reasoning, stating, “I’m 37 and getting married in 2 weeks, and YES, I’M TAKING HIS LAST NAME!!! I don’t understand what age has to do with the name change?

    While many could get with Raquel’s compromise of just hyphenating their names after getting hitched, one married fan proclaimed that she flat-out isn’t changing her moniker.

    Jamie Wertz said she "got married in July and the only thing I’ve changed my last name on was Facebook." 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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