Wyclef Jean requests moment of silence for Haiti anniversary

    Last year, the cries of the injured in Haiti were heard and felt worldwide. In remembrance of the more than 250,000 killed in that devastating earthquake, Wyclef Jean is asking for a moment of slience today, the one year anniversary of the disaster.
    The Grammy Award-winning musician, a native of Haiti, left this message for those visiting the Yele Haiti site: “Please join me and the Yele Haiti Foundation for a moment of silence at 4:53 p.m. [EST] on January 12 to pay tribute to the victims of last year’s devastating earthquake.”
    According to the Red Cross, Americans have donated more than $479 million to the organization for the Haitian people.
    The money donated to the Red Cross has gone toward providing transitional homes, clean drinking water, medical treatment and disaster preparedness programs.
    However, President Barack Obama reminds us that there is still much to be done to restore the country. “Countless lives have been saved, and many Haitians affected by the earthquake now have better access to food, water and health care than they did before the disaster. Still, too much rubble continues to clog the streets, too many people are still living in tents, and for so many Haitians progress has not come fast enough," Obama said via a press release.

    “Helping the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere recover from one of the worst natural disasters ever to strike our hemisphere will take years, if not decades," the president added.

    Get an update on the state of Haiti today. Watch the video below.


    –Tracy L. Scott

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