Review: ‘Let’s StayTogether’

    "Let’s Stay Together" got off to a decent start, but there’s still room for improvement.

    If you weren’t worn out from all of the excitement from the season four premiere of “The Game,” then you probably stuck around for the series debut of “Let’s Stay Together."

    If not, you didn’t really miss all that much, and you still have plenty of chances to watch it again because BET is re-airing it tonight. In the meantime, here are our notes on the show.

    What we liked:
    -The show provided some decent chuckles courtesy of RonReaco Lee (who knew lawyers could do hair?!), and Erica Hubbard had some nice one-liners.

    – Eva Marcille’s cameo was brief, but she stole the scene as Charles’ ex-girlfriend (aka the one that got away).

    – “Let’s Stay Together” set a decent pace for story progression and it got right to the main conflict of the episode in the first five minutes.

    – The honest moment between Charles and Stacy was really sweet.

    What they need to work on:

    – The actors playing Charles and Stacy, the engaged couple, need to do a little more work on their chemistry because they came off a little flat as a pair.
    – The plot of the first episode was a bit of a turn-off as it made Black women appear to be too caught up in appearances. Who trades in her engagement ring without telling her man? We won’t spoil the end of the show for you, but it will confuse and frustrate you.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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