Tom DeLay gets three years


    Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been sentenced to three years in prison.

    The Texas politician, known as “The Hammer” by his fellow congressmen, was found guilty of felony conspiracy and money laundering on Monday, the Associated Press reports. The charges stem from his plot to guide corporate money to Republicans running for state legislative office in 2002.
    Nine years later, Texas State Senior Judge Pat Priest sentenced Tom to lockup for conspiring to launder money for political campaigns from corporate funds. Although he was ordered to serve five years in prison for the actual crime of money laundering, that sentence was flipped into 10 years of probation. During that probation, Tom will be doing community service.

    Tom’s lawyer had also argued for probation on the politician’s conspiracy charges, but the request was ignored. According to
    The Washington Post, Judge Pat asserted that those who make the laws should “be bound by them.” 

    The Hammer contended that he was being singled out and falsely charged for the same thing “everybody was doing.” However, considering that Tom had faced up to life in prison, this might seem like a slap on the wrist.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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