Was ‘The Game’ a touchdown?

    “The Game” is back, but is it better than ever? We asked S2S fans if they were feeling the season 4 premiere.
    Last night was the moment we’d been waiting over a year for: “The Game” finally debuted on BET, which picked up the show after The CW dropped it in May of 2009. The premiere was a ratings smash for BET as 7.7 million viewers tuned in for the season 4 tipoff.

    Devoted fans of the series thought the show’s return would be nothing less than a hit. When we turned to S2S fans on Facebook, we found that it lived up to many viewers’ expectations.

    Tanuya Baker Curry is hooked, stating, “I love that the show is back and I will be tuned in every Tuesday.”

    Alexus Lafayette is excited that the show is back because there “are so many plots and twist now than ever! The first episode has definitely proven why we love it so much.”

    However, last night’s episode of “The Game” left some S2S readers on Facebook disappointed. 

    “I did not like it,” said Kristin Renee’ Burton. “The only person I feel sorry for is Tee-tee. I think before the season is over everybody is gonna get what they deserve.”
    Cynthia Conley said she “was not impressed, why didn’t the show pick where it left off last season? Rick fox/wendy, Stacey Dash/Jason?”
    Alashaun Stevenson agreed with the missing match-ups that many were eager to see return. “They should have brought Rick Fox because it ended with him at the wedding,” she said. “Camille and the old Brittany definitely needs 2 be back too.”

    Most S2S fans seemed to enjoy the show as much as we did (So much drama! Such an awesome wardrobe!), but they still has a few criticisms. For example, Audrea Cooky Oliver said she loved the show, despite the fact that she didn’t really like who Kelly Pitts has become in the two years since “The Game” wrapped its third season.
    “She has no substance. It’s almost like they were trying to think of a script just to keep her around. I truly hope her story line gets better,” Adudrea said before moving on to Melanie. “Mrs Derwin Davis (Melanie) she needs to get it together & just love her man!”

    A lot of you couldn’t get over how sneaky Melanie was when she swabbed DJ’s mouth for a paternity test to see if Derwin was really his father or not.
 Julie Brown thought the episode was a great example of what happens when snooping goes too far. “I hope she taught some of these over-the-top jealous wives something last night,” Julie exclaimed. “She was dead wrong!”

    Meanwhile, Ceresa Hayden sees nothing but hurt ahead for Mel, and she’s concerned. “[Melanie] is in for a disaster I hope her marriage dosen’t end because of her games,” Ceresa said.

    We’d still love to hear from you, though. Check out last night’s season 4 premiere of “The Game” and let us know what you think.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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