Antoine Dodson gets the party started with new track

    Antoine Dodson, whose viral video warning folks to “hide your kids; hide your wife” catapulted him into the national spotlight, offered fans a sneak peek at his new track, “Get This Party Started.”
    After receiving the Mashable Award for Best Internet Meme for “Bed Intruder,” Antoine sat down with Mashable Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow and spoke about his upcoming plans as a musical artist.
    “I’m working on an album. It’s going to be so hot,” Antoine bragged before talking about his new song. “It’s a really hot song. It’ll have you jigging on the strip.”
    Antoine isn’t just looking for ways to collect, though. He is also helping to give back to the community. He worked with Android on a mobile application that helps identify sex offenders in the users’ neighborhoods.
    That may come in handy for Lincoln Park residents, who still have an alleged sex offender on the loose. “No the idiot from Lincoln Park has not been caught yet,” Antoine said.

    Watch the video for the Mashable interview and hear a few bars from Antoine below.




    -Tracy L. Scott




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