Gregg Leakes talks NeNe’s surgery, TV editing and divorce


    There are two sides to every story, and we’ve seen and heard a lot from NeNe Leakes’ POV on Bravo’s "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." This season, her marriage seems in trouble as communication between her and husband Gregg is at a minimum.
    So, we decided to speak to Gregg and find out if things were as dramatic as they seemed. He cleared up a few things.

    Tracy: I know you must get recognized in ATL. What’s that like? Are you used to it yet?
    Gregg: It’s Okay. I’m a byproduct of a successful person on ["The Real Housewives of Atlanta"], so I get about as much attention as I want to have. I get recognized, but not to that extreme.
    Tracy: How do you feel about NeNe’s journalism career?
    Gregg: I’m all for it. I’m 100 percent behind anything that my wife wishes to do. I feel that she will be successful if that’s what she wants to do. I certainly will help her every step of the way. I think that she will do well.
    Tracy: I noticed you referred to NeNe as your “wife." So, are you two still together? The D-word was brought up more than a few times this season?
    Gregg: Of course. I think [divorce] has been thrown around so much that I’m over it. She’s over it, and we’re just moving on with our life. And we’re moving on with our life as best we possibly can and that’s old news for the both of us.
    Tracy: Moving on together?
    Gregg: Yes, moving on together.

    Tracy: From the editing, it seemed like you and NeNe went through a little rough patch. What advice would you give to married couples who might be experiencing that?
    Gregg: Whatever it is you’re going through in your life, you have to examine your foundation before you can do anything else. You have to put God in your life as your only source in which you can have a proper foundation to affectively change anything that’s not going right in your life. Put aside any disagreements, arguments, whatever the case may be.
    Tracy: So, we know what’s going on with NeNe. What are you working on? Are you working on any projects you want to tell us about?
    Gregg: I’m pursuing my public speaking career. I’m partnering in a restaurant. Those are the type of things I’m doing right now.
    Tracy: What did you think of NeNe’s surgery?
    Gregg: That’s not anything where I really have an opinion. If someone wants to better themselves–and they feel like they’re bettering themselves–I’m all for it. I wasn’t against my wife having the surgery. Never have been. Of course, I think she’s as beautiful as she ever was.
    Tracy: How’s Bryson doing?
    Gregg: He’s fine. He’s doing just fine. He’s a normal 21-year-old. He’s going through his life cycle, which we all go through. I think he’s doing just fine. He has room to grow, as we all have. I think Bryson will come out okay at the end.
    Tracy: That scene this season when NeNe was speaking to him about getting his life together, seemed very genuine and real. It was probably one of the most realistic reality TV moments I remember.
    Gregg: It was real. She wasn’t talking to him from a script. She truly was talking with her son as a mom should talk to her son. She was telling him 100 percent the way it is, 100 percent of what her expectations of him were and 100 percent what the reality of life is about. She was 100 percent genuine with Bryson. He gets talked to by us regularly and truthfully.
    Tracy: NeNe seemed to have a little crush on Peter. Who is your "RHOA" crush? 
    Gregg: Let me address that. NeNe has never had a crush on Peter. She’s never had a crush on Peter. Maybe some scenes or comments were taken out of context. She never had a crush on Peter. I think that’s so wrong. To answer your question, I don’t have a crush on any other housewife other than the one I’m married to.
    Tracy: Is there anything else you want your fans to know?
    Gregg: Editing. People presume to know you based on what you’re portrayed on in a show. Editing can portray you to be any way that editors choose you to be at the end of the day. The most important thing is that people watch programs to be entertained. The editors have a job to do. Don’t assume you know a person – that you know me, that you know my wife – based on what you see on a TV show. You don’t know us. We’re happy for you to know us, but you don’t know us.



    -Tracy L. Scott




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