Brittany Daniel gets smaller part on ‘The Game’


    Brittany Daniel’s character on “The Game,” Kelly Pitts, has been bumped to the second string.

    You might notice that Brittany has been missing from a few cast gatherings to promote the new show. That’s because she’s darn near a guest star on “The Game” these days.
    “I was a series regular before and now I’m just a reoccurring character on the show,” Britanny told Vibe magazine.  “We did 13 episodes and I’m just contracted to do six.”

    She was less than pleased to find out that her role had been reduced when the show switched from the CW to BET, but she took one for the team because “The Game” wouldn’t be the same without her.

    “I wasn’t happy about it. I wanted to do all the episodes, but I think it was a financial thing,” Brittany said. “The reason I came back to do the show is that I love the show. And I love, love the people that I work with, so even though it came down to [my reduced role] I had to be supportive of the rest of the cast.”

    Brittany said she would have preferred to do the whole season, but there’s speculation that cutting her character Kelly from half of the shows may have to do with Coby Bell.  It wasn’t clear whether the actor, who plays Kelly’s ex-husband Jason Pitts, would even be back for this season as he’d gotten a job on USA’s “Burn Notice.” When BET was able to secure Coby for “The Game” last year, it was initially as a recurring character. 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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