Light skin vs. dark skin party draws fire

    The blogs and social networking sites are abuzz about a flier that promotes a "Light Skin vs. Dark Skin" party in Ohioright around the time of the MLK holiday, no less.

    Many found the party’s theme in bad taste, feeling that it continues to encourage division among Black women, some of whom feel they are unfairly judged based on their skin tone.

    We asked our S2S Facebook community what they thought about the party promotion and wondered if they felt that “color” is still an issue in 2011. We received strong feedback.

    Sheena Newsome Howell said, “Yes, some Black folks are still color struck! Self love is the first love. So my people, get over it!”

    Kim Bailey’s comment was a bit more to-the-point, “How stupid is that? When will we as a people get beyond this? I’m so tired of dark skin vs. light skin or good hair vs. bad hair! It’s ridiculous! We come in all shades and colors and should be proud of the fact! … Just because I’m a lighter-skinned Black woman doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else!”

    Kali Lynn, a mother whose daughters have contrasting complexions, wrote, “There’s always gonna be a color complex problem in America no matter what’s said. It’s stupid as hell, though. I have a dark-skinned daughter and a light-skinned daughter and I teach them they the same no matter what anyone says.”

    Most agreed that “color” is definitely still an issue that affects the Black community. There was only one Facebook fan who had a difference of opinion.

    “Not a complex with me – dark skin 100%but my two best friends are light, and I do me, and they do them. We all get it,” Shaquita Shaq Robbins wrote. 

    -Tracy L. Scott


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