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    NeNe Leakes leaving “RHOA”?

    Could NeNe Leakes be thinking about leaving the series that made her a household name?

    It’s no secret this has been a difficult season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for NeNe. Now, it seems that the “realest” housewife has had her fill of all the drama.
    I’m not really interested in joining the next season," she said during a recent interview with "I’m just not really interested right now."
    Don’t worry about NeNe, though. The reality TV star said she’ll be focusing her energy on handbag and shoe lines that she’s developing.

    Check out the S2S interview with NeNe’s husband Gregg.

    Happy Birthday, Michelle O!
    January 17 wasn’t all about Martin Luther King Jr. for the first family.

    Amid all the activities to honor the civil rights leader’s memory, Michelle Obama turned 47 years old. If she had to share her birthday with anyone, MLK isn’t a bad choice!
    The first lady was treated to a chorus of “Happy Birthday” during morning services at Metropolitan AME Church.


    Trailer: “Milk + Honey”

    Idris Elba has finally leaked a trailer of his upcoming series “Milk + Honey.”

    The show centers around a group of young Black go-getters, and the cast includes Lance Gross, Faune Chambers and newcomers Yaani King, Shaunta Hinton, Charles Divins and Rob Smith. 
    "Milk + Honey" , produced by Idris in partnership with Brown Paper Dolls, is a project three years in the making and producers will make it available to several platforms.

    milk + honey series trailer from brown paper dolls on Vimeo.



    2 Live Crew’s Luke goes political

    How would you like the front man of 2 Live Crew running your city? If you’re a resident of Miami-Dade County in Florida, consider yourself warned. Luke Campbell is indeed considering running for public office.
    “If Carlos Alvarez gets recalled, I will seriously think about running for Miami-Dade County mayor, and should I win, I would make every day I am in office a reality show. Every day, Miami-Dade residents will have transparency,” Luke wrote on
    his Miami New Times blog.
    One can only hope that Luke has matured since his days of explicit lyrics and lewd music videos. He seems to have loftier goals these days.
    “Our community has been divided for too long. If there is one person who can unite voters from every nationality in Miami Dade, it is Uncle Luke,” he wrote.



    ‘Tough’ arrest for Vh1 star, Taylor

    If you watched either season one or two of Vh1’s “Tough Love,” then you’re familiar with Taylor Royce, whose progress on season one was so limited that she was invited back for a second-go-around at finding a man.

    Whether she’s found love or not is irrelevant now that she’s been arrested for suspicion of theft.

    According to TMZ, Taylor was arrested for allegedly stealing $600 worth of makeup and expensive Louboutin boots from a girlfriend who called the police when she realized her items were missing.



    J-Lo’s new track leaked

    A new track from J-Lo that was reportedly due for release next week has been leaked to music fans via the Internet. The song features Cuban rapper Pitbull.
    It’s more of a pop track than R&B. Check it out.


    – Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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