Oprah keeps it real with Piers

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    Oprah Winfrey was featured as the first guest on CNN’s all-new "Piers Morgan Tonight" show, and although she refused to talk much about her relationships with Gayle King or Stedman Graham, Oprah did open up about her teenage pregnancy, love and her purpose.

    Making no secret of her sexual abuse and youthful promiscuity, Oprah shared a sentiment not often heard when women speak about the loss of a child. She said she was “relieved” when–while she was age 14 and living with strict disciplinarians–her newborn did not survive, giving her a “second chance” at the life she feels she was supposed to lead.

    When asked if she wanted to be a mother, Oprah said she makes a good “Auntie O” and is the godmother to Gayle’s children, but she isn’t interested in motherhood or marriage.

    “I’m not getting married. I’m just not the marrying kind,” she said.

    That’s not to suggest that she’s not a believer in love. According to Oprah, that’s what her brand is all about.

    “Ultimately, everything that I’m saying, whether it’s in my magazine or Gayle on the radio, the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ or now the channel OWN, it’s about opening up your heart space to love more,” she said.

    Throughout the hour-long interview Piers showered Oprah with compliments, commenting on how everything she touches becomes a hit, referring to her as “America’s therapist” and deeming her the most powerful woman in America.

    The show aired on the day the nation celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the thought of that nearly brought Oprah to tears.

    “I could weep over that. I’m not going to. I would because I hold him in reverence, and I know that I would not be here, this life that I live, the dream that I live in that he predicted for our people, would not be possible if he had not been who he was. He would have been so proud. He would have been very proud,” Oprah said.

    When noting that Oprah seems very content with her life right now, she agreed and admitted that although money can’t buy happiness, it can “pave the way.”

    “I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I am profoundly rewarded by this platform. Anybody who gets to live their life on purpose and in alignment of why they really came to the planet, you can’t ask for better than that,” Oprah said. “I believe my life and purpose is bigger than myself. That’s why I have my own network. I know what to do with it. I know how to use it for something that’s greater than my own self.”

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    —Tracy L. Scott


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