Lamar Odom chats with ‘Playboy’

    Lamar Odom reveals how Khloé Kardashian locked him down and got him to commit.
    The Los Angeles Lakers player told Playboy magazine that when he met Khloé, he knew he’d found the one. That meant, he had to change his ways if he wanted to keep her.
    “With her I was like, ‘If I do what I normally do, I’m going to lose her,’” he said. “And if I lose her, I think it’s going to hurt a lot. Right then and there I knew. We were together every day.”

    Marrying a Kardashian might just have been the best career move that Lamar could have made! Before Khloé, though, he was in no rush to label his relationships — and certainly not to become anyone’s husband.
    “Being married, that’s a responsibility,” Lamar explained. “I always used to tell that to women. ‘I don’t want a girlfriend because that means I’ve got a responsibility.’ Most men like more than one woman.”

    When Lamar met Khloé all that changed, and he revealed that it was her mind that got him hooked. He was really shocked by her intellect, despite whatever you might see on E!

    “I was kind of surprised at how intelligent she was,” the NBA player said. “You don’t know what to expect. Next thing I know I’m spending every day with her. We just hit it off.”

    The two hit it off so well, that they got married a month after they first met. Now, they’re getting ready to star in their own “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” spin-off.

    Shooting for “Khloé & Lamar” is slated to start soon.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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