Lauryn Hill loses love


    Lauryn Hill’s recent history of leaving fans hanging and lackluster performances has cost her more than a few paying customers.

    The news of Lauryn’s winter tour was met with cautious excitement. Who wouldn’t love to witness an awesome singer do her thing for a crowd of dedicated fans? Thousands of L-Boogie loyals snapped up tickets to her shows as soon as they were available.

    Ah, if only Lauryn could be that eager to perform! From the first days of her tour, there have been reports of the “X-Factor” singer arriving to her shows hours after the advertised start times.

    Then, horror of horrors, when she does make her way to the stage, fans are disappointed to get a Lauryn experience that they didn’t bargain for. The hits she performed weren’t quite as fans remembered them with different background music—possibly different lyrics. With all of the unflattering reviews, we wanted to know, would S2S fans still go see a Lauryn Hill show?

    The results weren’t good for her ticket sales. In a poll we posted to earlier this week, 64 percent of you said, “No way!” And the numbers don’t improve among S2S fans on Facebook, either. 

    Samuel Thompson said, “She doesn’t care about her fans because if she did she wouldn’t have them waiting hours on end to see her.”

    Jennifer Jenny Dixon agreed with him, but offered a harsher criticism, stating, “She needs to get her attitude adjusted & leave the drugs alone! Showing up 4 hours late is unacceptable! She has a nice voice, but something is wrong!”

    Carol Johnson thinks there is just a general disconnect between Lauryn and her fans, and that means she won’t be coming out to a show.
    “Naw! [Lauryn] has a history of showing up excessively late, with no apologies,” Carol said. “Then she’ll engage in "deep" diatribes on social awareness and consciousness. Problem is: The audience has no clue what she’s talking about.”

    Kim Bailey added, “Lauryn needs to be more respectful of her fans! Showing up to concerts 4 hrs late is unacceptable and to tell the fans that she is worth it…is not right! There is something seriously wrong with her!
    But what about you?  Would you still risk an hours-long wait and a questionable performance just to see L-Boogie in action? Tell us in the comment section below. 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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