Tami Roman reveals more baby daddy drama


    Tami Roman just revealed more reasons why her relationship with her ex-husband is so contentious.

    During a chat on iPower Richmond, The “Basketball Wives” star more or less called her ex-hubby Kenny Anderson a deadbeat dad.  Tami told DJ Ms. Torres that while she’s not sure whether or not Kenny is broke, she does know that he hasn’t paid her any child support for their daughters.

    However, that could be because his money is spread a bit more thinly than most know. Tami revealed that he actually fathered two kids with mistresses during their six-year marriage. Although she is making an effort to get to know the woman in Kenny’s life now, she’s not exactly on speaking terms with the jump-offs.

    With Kenny falling down on his child support payments, and the fact that Tami had to go on government assistance, you’d think Tami would be bitter—and she is! No, she’s not mad about falling in love with Kenny, but Tami admits that she was bitter about the way he acted once they divorced.
    Speaking of government assistance, who can forget Tami’s blowout with “Basketball Wives” co-star Jennifer Williams over food stamps? No one knows what sparked the argument, but Tami said she snapped because she found out off-camera that people were making fun of her for having needed a little extra help to make ends meet.


    Of course, after sitting down and talking like adults, Tami and Jennifer are able to be cordial to one another. They may not be best buddies, but at least they’re able to joke around about their fight. The re-enactment below is pure comedy!




    – Sonya Eskridge




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